Make patient rounding fast, easy & compliant.

Mitigate risk. Improve patient outcomes. Save time.

RoundRight is an electronic monitoring system for inpatient & residential healthcare facilities including psychiatric, addiction treatment & assisted living settings.


RoundRight is trusted by..

Patent pending technology that solves your rounding problems

Mitigate risk πŸ“‰

Minimize facility risk & monitor employee rounding performance by reducing:

πŸ”» Sentinel events

πŸ”» Missed observations

πŸ”» Falsified observations

❌ Miscommunications

❌ Manual forms

❌ Workflow failings

πŸ”» Sentinel events

πŸ”» Missed observations

πŸ”» Falsified observations

❌ Miscommunications

❌ Manual forms

❌ Workflow failings

Make patient rounding..


βœ… Ensure patients get the care they need by making rounding easier for front-line employees


βœ… Real-time & historical data allows management to monitor rounding performance with confidence


βœ… Make missed and falsified observations a thing of the past


βœ… Intuitive and accurate rounding with detailed notes in a fraction of the time


βœ… We can integrate with EMRs & other software you use to make inter-platform communication and data management seamless

Improve outcomes πŸ₯

Built in accountability ensures patients get the care they need & management has reliable rounding data to manage performance.

Save time ⏰

Accurate rounding with detailed notes in a fraction of the time paper notes take

What makes RoundRight different?


No internet, no problem

Reliable user experience even in the most challenging environments including poor or absent internet signal


Say goodbye to bracelets

Patent pending technology determines when staff members don’t round properly without the hassle or expense of patient wearables


Proactive, not reactive

Set customizable email and text alerts to know when rounds are not happening correctly


Keep It fair

Know with certainty that staff members are not affecting each other’s performance


Before RoundRight


  • "The previous rounder left me with overdue rounds"
  • "I wasn’t able to log in because of internet problems"
  • "The computer keeps freezing"
  • "Someone else was supposed to be monitoring that patient"
  • "Patients hate being forced to wear bracelets"


  • "I keep hearing complaints about the system"
  • "The rounder only started walking when they saw me"
  • "We received another complaint about the patient wristbands"
  • "No one told us that the rounds were late"
  • "There was an incident and the patient was not being monitored"

Make hearing these a thing of the past.


After RoundRight

I sleep better at night knowing our patients are safe with RoundRight.

We get all of the information we need without using bracelets!

RoundRight customer service is exceptional.

RoundRight took us from paper to digital and our staff LOVE it!

Management gets notified of problems in real time and that is priceless.

The program is so easy and simple to use. Training takes a matter of minutes.

The risk-free trial is actually risk free.

RoundRight has been a game changer.

We're saving time, money and our patients are getting better care.

Jane Cooper

CEO, Substance Abuse Rehab Site

Finally an electronic rounding system without the headache.

We wanted to move from a paper-based system but nothing out there worked consistently enough.

Guy Hawkins


Eating Disorder Rehab

RoundRight is simple but brilliant.

The fact that it works - even with our spotty WiFi - is a life saver. Can't recommend this enough.

Jacob Jones

Chief Quality Officer,

Psychiatric Rehab

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Mitigate risk. Improve patient outcomes. Save time.


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